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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - June 1, 2011


- documentation updates, we are blocked now by:
  - and there are 4 doc updates left
- testing
- reviewing critical bugs in the inbox

JDT Core:
- verification of RC2
- testing RC3
- no bugs planned for RC4 at the moment
- starting bug triage for 3.7.1/3.8
- continued working on Java 7 implementation:
  - bug fixes in the compiler
- finalizing work for p2 repository for Java 7
- worked on JDT documentation

 - no fixes planned for 3.7
 - testing has not uncovered any regressions/major issues
 - working on reducing number of critical bugs
 - starting on 3.7 retrospective

- test pass against RC3 went well
- fixed one regression in RC4. No further fixes planned
- documentation work
- started UI work for Java 7
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- test pass against RC3 went well
- no further code fixes planned at this point
- documentation work

- RC3 test pass - no issues found
- no additional code changes planned
- one performance bug remaining
- documentation is complete

- RC3 test pass - no issues found
- no additional code changes planned
- no performance issues
- documentation is complete

Rel. Eng.:
- released 3.7RC3 and submitted to Indigo
- updated to Orbit release build
- test builds with 3.7RC3 bundles
- reran JUnit tests with Java 7
- bug fixing
- if you haven't already done so, please update this bug with text
  describing the people you'd like to thank for their contributions
  during the Indigo release cycle:
  - 3.7 and 4.1 acknowledgements

- 3.7RC3 testing went well
- all doc changes (javadoc, isv doc, readme) were submitted on Friday
- no more changes of any kind are currently planned for 3.7RC4

User Assistance:
- investigating one issue found by Grant  on Solaris during RC3 testing

 - No new regressions


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