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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 20, 2011


- test pass against RC1 went well
- RC2 bug fixing
- resolved last remaining performance bug
- documentation work
- no polish items left

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- test pass against RC1 went well
- RC2 bug fixing
- continued to investigate last remaining performance bugs:
  - still no clue what goes wrong on the rel. eng. machine
- documentation work
- no polish items left

- 3.7RC1 testing and fixing went well
- swt bugs currently targeted for 3.7RC2:

- RC1 test pass went fine
- no work planned for RC2
- one remaining performance bug
- completed documentation pass
- updates for platform feature readme

- RC1 test pass went  fine
- no work planned for RC2
- no performance bugs
- updating documentation

- 1 day test pass complete, no major issues found
- few issues remaining for RC2
- documentation work
- copyrights and platform readme updated

JDT Core:
- vacations
- 3.7RC1 verification
- one bug tagged as RC2 is under investigation
- bug triage
- fix a bunch of issues on the Java 7 implementation:
  - fixes are released in the BETA_JAVA7 branch
- finalizing work on p2 repository for Java 7 updates

User Assistance:
- testing
- committed API filter patch for
- no outstanding bugs targeting Eclipse 3.7

- reviewing & updating the documentation

- performance results not generated for windows
- new regressions:
  - small regression in Platform/Core (Bug 346225)
- currently they are four open performance regression bugs


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