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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - May 11, 2011


- RC1 Bug Fixing (8 bugs still being considered)
- testing (Monday)
- doc Pass (Tuesday / Wednesday)

JDT Core:
- working on a p2 repository to get Java 7 support on top of Indigo:
  - one test build has been done
  - working with Kim and Andrew to get this repository set up soon
- bug triage/fixes
- vacations
- two bugs still open for RC1:
  - both contains patches and are ready to be released
- RC0 test pass

- RC1 bug fixing
- continued to investigate performance bugs (we have 1 remaining for 3.7)
- documentation work
- no polish items left

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- RC1 bug fixing
- documentation work
- continued to investigate performance bugs (we have 1 remaining for 3.7):
  - still waiting for useful console output
- no polish items left

- status of 3.7RC1 bugs: fixed and planned:
- replicated swt's javadoc across its various WS implementations
- will be releasing updated copyrights

- RC1 bug fixing / testing
- documentation
- investigating remaining performance bug
- bug triage

- RC1 bug fixing / testing
- documentation
- bug triage

User Assistance:
- milestone testing
- two bug fixes
- working with Olivier to filter out API errors caused by Lucene changes

- no new regressions
- currently they are three open performance regression bugs

Platform Workspace:
- all non-doc bugs for 3.7 fixed
- reviewing & updating the documentation

Rel. Eng.:
- test builds from git mirror of Eclipse project:
- switch to new Orbit build:
- mac test machine was updated to 10.6
- test builds to generate incubator source bundles:
- trying to fix performance result generation problem:
  - rsh connections to test machines don't terminate properly


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