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Re: [eclipse-dev] official platform requirements

Kim Moir said the following:
> Here's a document on the process (It's a bit out of date).  In addition to
> contributing the SWT fragment, you need to compile the launcher fragment and
> contribute it.

Thank you for this information.

> What ws-os-arch platform are you interested in contributing?  Googling you, I
> assume FreeBSD?

Yes.  My email address is kind of a giveaway too :-)

> To be honest, we haven't had success in the past with community contributions
> of new platforms.  It seems like people make the initial contribution and then
> decide not to update it which causes problems for the build because the
> fragments become out of sync and compile errors result.  So I must emphasize
> that contributing a new platform is a ongoing compiling, testing and bug
> triaging commitment :-)  Let me know how if you have any questions on getting
> started.

FreeBSD community members have been rather successfully maintaining a port of
Eclipse to FreeBSD for a while now.
Here you can see current state of the port and its history:

However, I do agree that doing ports of release and doing continuous platform
maintenance and support are two sufficiently different things.
I need to get back to FreeBSD Eclipse community with this.

Thank you.

Is there such a thing as a "deltapack-only platform"?
Andriy Gapon

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