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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Post-Notes - Mar 30, 2011

The question was raised about a polish list for the 4.1 release. The closest document we have is the following:

You can add items to this list if they are not listed already, and you feel they are important to the quality of the 4.1 release.

To clarify the rules of engagement for API changes from now until the end of 3.7: API changes are requested on the eclipse-pmc mailing list. Each change must have a corresponding bug report with a patch. A PMC member indicates they accept this with a PMC +1 in the bug report. As soon as you get +1 in the bug, you can go ahead and release the change. Other PMC members have 48 hours to respond with any objections. In very rare circumstances this could require reverting the change if the PMC does not come to agreement on it.


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