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[eclipse-dev] Students enrollment

Hello guys,

I am a lecturer at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
and I have a proposal for you.

My students have to make their science projects during this half-year.
I would like to involve some of them in Eclipse to give them an
opportunity to work on a real project instead of writing their own
equation solvers or any other useless apps.

Here is my vision of such collaboration:

- I ask students who would like to work on Eclipse  project and we choose
- You select the mentor for the student. The mentor will be
the student's "boss" and will give him tasks and help in solving
complex problems.
- The project should take student two-three months of time and you can
decide can be developed by student during this term.
- The student discusses tasks the mentor and agrees them with me.
- When the tasks are agreed the student begins working on them and
writing his Project report.
- During the term I coordinate the student and solve organization
- When the term is finished the student should complete all tasks,
agreed on the beginning of the term and also the student should finish
his Project report.
- The student can continue working with you after the science project
is finished, if he likes it.

There some big advantages in such collaboration for all participants:
- You get a contributor that is interested in working on your project.
- The student gets the experience in working on a real project.
- If Eclipse project is interested to student he will continue working on it
after the science project is finished.

Please consider my proposal and tell me what do you think about such
You can contact me by e-mail, Google talk: rprikhodchenko@xxxxxxxxx or
Skype: rprykhodchenko

Roman Prykhodchenko

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