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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 2, 2011

[ Everyone please see the Rel. Eng. status below:
  - there are test failures when running our tests at
  - whether these are issues with our code, the tests, or the configuration,
    they need to be fixed
  - if the failures are tests for your component, please work with
    Kim to resolve them ]


PDE Status:
- producer oriented API Use Scan task (Bug 332763)
- working on several test issues (Bug 338282 and 334792)
- bug fixing

- converted 'org.eclipse.jdt.ui' to Java 5
- fixed doc issues related to accessibility
- continued to work on EclipseCon presentations
- continued to test running our tests on Java 7 JRE
- bug fixing

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- improved quick fix/assist ordering (make sure a fix comes before an assist)
- Open Declaration (F3) and hyperlink now work on {@inheritDoc}
- continued work on hyperlink for break/continue
- fixed doc issues related to accessibility
- continued work on smart indent/paste bugs
- continued to test running our tests against Java 7 JRE
- bug fixing

- bug fixing

- working on resolving viewer test failures:
- thread focus / selection problems:
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- bug fixes/triage
- progress on Java 7:
  - proper handling of @SafeVarargs annotation
  - worked on data flow analysis and type resolution inside try-with-resources
  - working on more precise exception handling.
- fix issues around {@inheritDoc} and inner types resolutions inside javadoc
- working on reducing side-effects between null analysis/dead code detection
  and code generation optimization.
- vacations

Rel. Eng.:
- 3.6.2 released
- 3.6.2 projects tagged
- resolved issues with SWT issues running on Windows Hudson slave:
  - you need to start the Hudson instance for the command line, not a service
    so the the Eclipse UI appears
  - also resolved the proxy issues that prevented the team CVS tests from running
  - there are now only 21 JUnit test failures on Windows out of 68,050 tests
  - remaining issues on Windows are with:
    - JFace (
    - Core Resources (
    - and Core net (
- investigating test failures on Mac Hudson slave.
- test builds for Jacoco code coverage:
  - thanks Eclipse foundation legal for approving CQs for JaCoCo 0.5.0
- updated to new and new Orbit build
- bug fixing

User Assistance:
- continuing to test Servlet API, planning to deliver this week
- re-triaging older bugs which have not been addressed recently

- 3.7:
  - N20110224-2000: Regression in JDT/Core
    - filed bug 338649 to track this
  - N20110226-2000: nothing new
  - I20110301-1537: nothing new

Platform Workspace:
- bug 338055:
  - NatureManager.isNatureEnabled() gives invalid result when called after
    project import
  - [fixed]
- Bug 338055:
  - will be ported back to older streams beginning from 3.4.2+
- discussion in progress on Bug 303517:
  - Update IResource sync state in a timely manner when discovered out of sync


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