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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Jan 26, 2010

[ Apologies for getting this out too late. Hopefully, the Rel. Eng.
  topic got discussed in the arch call. ]

 Discussion Topic

Rel. Eng.:
- Currently, bundles with compile errors are released to our repos.
  There is a pde build property to control this.  If one bundle has a
  compile error, the build will usually proceed.  If this setting was
  set to false, bundles with compile errors wouldn't be pushed to our
  repositories and the build would fail because the p2 director couldn't
  provision the SDKs given the missing bundles.  On Monday, the build
  used a bundle (core.resources) from the repository that had a compile
  error which cause the build to be bogus. Should this setting be
  changed so bundles with compile errors are not published to the repo?:


- test failures in PDE Core (334241):
  - Workaround committed, discussing root cause with core resources
- issue with Japanese character in launch config name (Bug 334473)
- bug Fixing
- M5 Test Pass

JDT Core:
- bug fixes/triage
- released APT memory fix (processing files into smaller chunks)
- created a new branch BETA_JAVA7 to start implementation of the jsr
  334 (project coin)
- improved javadoc retrieval with setting a timeout
- 3.6.2 testing
- 3.7M5 verification
- 3.7M6 planning

- working towards 3.7 M5 (bug fixing, full day test pass, N&N)
- improved drag & drop support for the Call Hierarchy view
- added UI for 2 new compiler options (Code Style > Method can be static
- bug fixing

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- working towards 3.7 M5 (bug fixing, full day test pass, N&N)
- bug fixing

- moved upgrade to Ant 1.8.2 to M6: the patch for memory issues requires
  more testing:
- bug fixing
- 3.6.2 testing
- 3.7M5 verification
- 3.7M6 planning

- released breakpoint condition history:
- bug fixing
- 3.6.2 testing
- 3.7M5 verification
- 3.7M6 planning

- tracked down 64-bit AIX DND failure to bug in AIX's shipped
  GTK library:
- one change committed for next 3.6.2 build: incrementing of
  plugin and fragment versions to 3.6.2
- 3.7 stream bug fixing and 3.7M5 testing
- vacation and sickness

- 3.6:
  - M20110119-0834:
    - nothing new
- 3.7:
  - I20110124-1345:
    - see some regression in JDT Core but couldn't reproduce
    - will watch the next results
  - N20110122-2000:
    - nothing new
  - N20110114-2000:
    - nothing new
  - I20110118-0800:
    - nothing new

- 3.7 M5 milestone week:
  - reviewing bugs and testing, gathering N&N etc.

Rel. Eng.:
- test builds for new orbit bundles,
- test builds for new M5 and 3.6.2RC2 test bundles in builder
- 3.6.2 end game
- test builds on hudson:
  - now down to 155 JUnit test failures:
    - still having problems with p2, team.cvs,  core.resources, swt and others
    - [ McQ says, "Component leads from these teams should ensure the problems
        are resolved." ]
- still having problems running ui tests on mac slave
- 44/46 features now have shared license files


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