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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Jan 12, 2011

[ Reminder: 3.6.2 is coming soon. Component leads please take a look at your open 3.6.2 bugs ]


Platform UI:
- added undo support for marker views

- added new Java Compiler Errors/Warnings preference to hide problems due to
  raw types in referenced APIs: Generic types > Ignore unavoidable generic
  type problems
- started to work on improved drag & drop support for the Call Hierarchy view
- bug fixing

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- continued investigation of moving the spelling engine from JDT to Platform
- started to work on overview ruler rendering issues
- bug fixing

- all CQs have been approved for Ant 1.8.2
- waiting for org.apache.ant 1.8.2 to be committed to oribit so we can run
  some test builds
- bug fixing

- on-disk JRE changes are detected between workbench restarts
- added undo support for breakpoint deletion
- warn when deleting conditional breakpoints via the editor
- bug fixing
- 3.6.2 is complete and looking good

JDT Core:
- bug fixes/triage
- finishing up with APT memory improvement
- 3.7M5/M6 planning
- vacations

- WebKit on win32 released:
  - ready for general consumption, working toward resolving remaining
    known issues
  - updated various Browser entries on SWT FAQ
- investigated missing Eclipse menu on Ubuntu Unity desktop:
  - appears to be bug in Unity, they are investigating a fix
- completing review of touch event API and implementation
- no more 3.6.2 bug fixes currently planned

Rel. Eng.:
- having problems running UI tests on Mac Hudson slave via Xvnc; if anyone has
  expertise in this area, help would be appreciated:
  - mac Hudson instance to run JUnits:
- test builds for shared license files:
- bug bucket cleanup
- status of plan item to build on servers. Remaining issues:
  - 98% of tests are running successfully (but this still means several hundred
    are failing :-(
  - Mac JUnit tests are running out of heap space and all UI tests are failing
  - many p2 tests are failing, may be configuration issues on slaves, still
  - SWT, JFace tests are failing on Windows 7:
  - intermittent network issues with Windows slave:
  - opened a bug for performance machines at foundation from FoE disbursements:

User Assistance:
- status of remaining plan items is as follows:
  - allow pre-processesing steps to the Help Search button:
    - currently in testing. Will be in M5.
  - Help Contents UI enhancements:
    - about 50% implemented and committed. Will continue into M6.
  - bug 319907 - [Help] Promote main help servlets to public API:
    - will review this contribution early next week and determine status.

- 3.6:
  M20110105-0951: nothing new
- 3.7:
  I20110104-0920: nothing new
  N20110106-2000: nothing new
  N20110108-2000: nothing new

- only one 3.6.2 bug left i.e. Bug 332640, the fix is already in HEAD and we
  plan to backport it to 3.6.2 RC2
- fixing M5 bugs:
  - Bug 330490 - API and UI to configure SCM URLs for import [in progress]
  - Bug 294925 - Wrong Default SSH Directory [fixed]


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