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Re: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse Project Committers Emeritus

In case you plan to post this anywhere, you might change this:
"Java development tools (PDE)"
to this
"Java development tools (JDT)"



From: John Arthorne/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
To:, eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 17/12/2010 10:34 AM
Subject: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse Project Committers Emeritus
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The Eclipse Project PMC is pleased to announce that the following former committers have been appointed as Eclipse Committers Emeritus. All were Eclipse committers from the project's inception in 2001, and had deep and lasting impact on the design and evolution of the Platform, Java development tools (PDE), and Plug-in Development Environment (PDE). Many details of their contribution are omitted for the sake of brevity, but below is a brief summary of their work on Eclipse (in alphabetical order):

Martin Aeschlimann - Martin has contributed to many areas of JDT and the Platform, including quick fix, code generation wizards, the type hierarchy view, and javadoc support. He is past lead for JDT UI and Platform Search.

Dirk Baeumer - Dirk contributed to the development of JFace, the generic workbench, and many areas of JDT UI. He was one of the principle developers of JDT's refactoring infrastructure, and is a past lead for the JDT UI component.

Jim Des Rivieres - Jim was a key architect and Eclipse Platform API guru for many years. He is largely responsible for the high quality of the Eclipse Platform's initial APIs, and for infecting the rest of the team with a focus on API quality. He developed initial Smalltalk prototypes of what eventually became the workspace model and incremental Java builder as far back as 1997.

Erich Gamma - Erich was the original lead of the JDT project, and a member of the initial Eclipse Project and Tools Project PMCs. He oversaw development of the JDT UI, and also contributed to early development of JFace.

Dejan Glozic - Dejan has contributed in many areas, including leading initial development of the Eclipse update support, the help system, and the Plug-in Development Environment. He is a past lead of PDE, Platform User Assistance (Help), and Platform Update.

Kevin Haaland - Kevin is a former Eclipse Platform lead and PMC member. He was the original lead of the SWT component, and also led the development of Platform UI for many years.

Jean-Michel Lemieux - Jean-Michel led development of Eclipse's CVS support and generic team API for many years. He is past lead of the Platform CVS and Team components.

Kai-Uwe Maetzel - Kai-Uwe was one of the principle developers of Eclipse's text editing infrastructure, including the Java editor. He is past lead of the Platform Text component and sat on the Eclipse Board of Directors for several years.

Kevin McGuire - Kevin was the Eclipse Platform's UI guru for many years. His careful attention to detail has greatly improved the user experience in the Eclipse SDK. He frequently blogged and spoke at conferences on user experience and the future of Eclipse UIs. Kevin was also the original lead of the Platform Team and CVS components.

Darin Swanson - Darin was a key contributor to the Platform's original debug support, and built the platform's Ant and external tool support. Darin is past component lead of Platform Ant, and past member of the Eclipse Board of Directors.

Michael Valenta - Michael contributed to the Platform's Team and CVS integration for many years. He is past lead of Platform Team, CVS, and Compare components.

Andre Weinand - Andre has contributed in many areas of Eclipse, including JFace, building the original Compare infrastructure, and working on JDT UI. He also almost single-handedly produced the initial port of Eclipse on Mac OS X, and has been a tireless champion of Eclipse on Mac for many years.

John Wiegand - John was a key architect of the original Eclipse platform, and past PMC lead of the Eclipse project. He is past project lead for both Eclipse Platform and PDE. His deep design wisdom and project planning touched all corners of the Eclipse project for many years. John also led initial development of what became the Eclipse Java compiler, and is a past member of the Eclipse Board of Directors.

For a complete list of Committers Emeritus, please see:

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