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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Dec 8, 2010


- testing M4
- improving tests for Use Scan Integration (331811)
- test failure in PDE Build because of PermGen space (331917)

- working towards 3.7 M4 (full day test pass, N&N, bug fixing)
- aded 'Open Super Implementation' hyperlink
- the JUnit 4 launcher can now correctly run individual JUnit 3 tests
- continued work on drag & drop support in Call Hierarchy view
- bug fixing

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- working towards 3.7 M3 (full day test pass, N&N, bug fixing)
- Properties File editor now shows Quick Assist if there's content to escape
- /** + 'Enter' now does the same as 'Generate Element Comment'
- bug fixing

- Pawel Piech ratified as new Platform Debug component lead
- Michael Rennie ratified as new Platform Ant and JDT Debug component lead
- working towards 3.7 M4 (full day test pass, N&N, bug fixing)
- new support for multiple debug views, pin + clone

- working towards 3.7 M4 (full day test pass)

JDT Core:
- last M4 tagged bug fixes are in; no more changes planned for M4
- planning M5
- working towards 3.7 M4:
  - verifying 3.7M4 bug fixes, full day test pass, bug fixing
- performance improvement in opening closed projects

- working on CTabFolder enhancements:
  - tab ordering
  - tab navigation controls
- continuing work on multi-touch and gesture events
- various bug fixing, including:
  - partial fix of
    (Composites default to size 64x64)
- 3.7M4 testing

User Assistance:
- bug fixing and milestone testing

- 3.7
  - I20101205-2000:
    - performance regression found while startup:
      - this got already fixed
      - need to verify with the next performance results
    - some performance regressions found in JDT/Core tests on windows m/c
      - I couldn't reproduce it on my machine
      - could be noise; need to verify with the next build
  - N20101204-2000:
    - nothing new
  - N20101202-2000:
    - nothing new

- bug 326926 - API to configure and import SCM URLs:
  - fixed
- bugĀ 315694 -Team > Merge operation for project contains logical model
  always show no changes between two branches:
  - moved to M5
- bug 207510 - Call to IResource.setEncoding() persists derived file's
  encoding setting in .settings\org.eclipse.core.resources.pref:
  - the fix is ready but will be released in M5
- no more fixes planned for M4
- M4 test day on Tuesday


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