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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 3, 2010


- M3 test pass
- fixed new compiler warnings

- M3 test pass
- reviewing patches for license support (bug 306818)
- reviewing patch for integrated API use scans (bug 310547)
- minor bug fixing
- fixed new compiler warnings

- shipped 3.7 M3
- 3.7 M4 planning
- bug fixing

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- shipped 3.7 M3
- 3.7 M4 planning
- fixed focus issue in status text editor
- started to work on horizontal lines between Java elements in the editor
- continued work on NLS tooling improvements
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- made progress on APT memory issue
- actively working on 1.4/1.5 mixed mode issues
- 3.7M3 test pass and verification
- vacations
- ESE preparation
- bug triage
- 3.7M4 planning

- sent mail to platform-swt-dev list describing plan to replace AIX Motif
  builds with AIX GTK builds (32- and 64-bit):
  - feedback bug tracking this:
- 64-bit AIX GTK work back-ported to 3.6.2 stream
- 3.7M3 week went well
- 3.7 stream bug fixing

User Assistance:
- milestone testing
- mug fixing
- reviewing all search related bugs

Rel. Eng.:
- removed AIX and Linux motif platforms from the build
- 3.7M3 released and submitted to Indigo build
- test builds with 3.7M3 bundles
- many test builds to run JUnits on Linux and Windows hudson slaves
  at the foundation:
  - thanks to all who have fixed their tests to accommodate this, as well
    to webmaster Matt who has been very helpful with Hudson and server

- Fixing M4 bugs
- Bug 301223 Team Projectset Import - Problems encoutered while deleting
  resources [marked as a duplicate of a UI bug 327192]
- Bug 327192 Concurrent access to file while decorating [fixed]
  [will be ported back to 3.6.2]
- Bug 326926 API to configure and import SCM URLs [in progress, planed
  for M4] [enh needed by PDE/UI team]
- Bug 328889 trying to run "ln" during core.resources tests on Windows 7
  slave at [in progress]

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