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[eclipse-dev] AIX/Motif port

As of Eclipse 3.7 M3, we have started to provide two new builds of the Eclipse Platform and SWT:  AIX/GTK ppc and ppc64.   These builds were introduced for the following reasons:

- The need for a 64 bit port for AIX.  Machines with 64 bit processors have become the standard in servers like AIX, Solaris, etc.
- A 64 bit GTK port already exists and implementing a 64 bit Motif port is a non-trivial task.
- Motif is showing it is age. It has became increasingly hard to add new modern features to the Motif port given that Motif itself has no active development. Support for accessibility, advanced graphics, transparent shells is not available or is limited.

For these reasons, and because every port we build incurs a cost in testing time, build speed, foundation and mirror server space, etc, we are planning to stop producing the AIX/Motif ppc build in the Eclipse Indigo (3.7) stream. If you have a strong interest in this port, please chime in on the following bug report


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