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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Sept 15, 2010

[ Reminder:
    Builds should normally not contain any compiler errors or warnings
    (access warnings are discouraged but acceptable). For M3, please
    fix the problems shown on the test results page, e.g.:

    For bundles that are in the transition to 1.5 or bundles that have
    been converted to 1.5 but can't fix all warnings about generics since
    they have references to non-generic API, consider disabling these
    warnings either via @SuppressWarnings(..) or by adding this line to
    your (for JAR'd bundles):


JDT Core:
- bug fixes
- 3.6.1 test days
- 3.7M2 test day
- 3.7M2 verification: so far so good
- planning for 3.7M3
- vacations

- 3.7 M2 Test pass

- 3.7 M2 Test pass / New & Noteworthy
- Support to edit config.ini properties in .product file editor

- 3.7 M2 testing (nothing serious so far)
- Type Hierarchy can now be opened on multiple packages, types, etc.
- added UI for new code formatter options (more specific new line
  settings after annotations)
- JUnit view: Fixed compare viewer to preserve line delimiters when
  showing string comparison failures
- New JUnit Test Case wizard: JUnit 4 tests can now choose their superclass
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- 3.7 M2 testing (nothing serious so far)
- fixed problems with mnemonics and (Shift+)Enter behavior in
  Find/Replace dialog
- vacation

- Browser on Linux-PPC now uses WebKitGTK
- investigating WebKit-based Browser on win32
- investigating 32- and 64-bit GTK ports for AIX and HPUX
- investigating 64-bit GTK port for Solaris
- win32 accessibility testing (with some outside help)
- 3.7 stream fixes
- 3.6.2 fixes:
  - 323763: Eclipse crashes as it is starting up
  - 324892: Wrong constant values for some IA2 events  
  - 325028: Frequent crashes in editor resulting from atk_object_get_attributes()

- 3.7 M2 testing and bug verification
- 3.7 Platform Workspace plan updated based on feedback from
  non-IBM committers
- Bug 301223 - Team Projectset Import - Problems encoutered while
  deleting resources [in progress]
- Bug 307280 - Provide a way to disable capping in the comparison
  algorithm [patch ready, moved to M3]
- introducing a new team member to Platform Workspace components

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