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[eclipse-dev] Moving to ICU4J 4.6 with a BREE of J2SE-1.5

We are looking to move the plugin's BREE to J2SE-1.5 (from
Foundation-1.0/J2SE-1.4) in Eclipse 3.7, and move up to ICU4J 4.6 or
4.8 (schedule permitting) at the same time.

Right now we consume a version of ICU4J  4.2.1 that has been
conditionally compiled for us and runs on Foundation 1.0.  As of ICU4J
4.4 they opened up their API and internals to use java 1.5 language
features and libraries, and for us to be able to pick up current
versions of ICU4J we need to allow to move up to J2SE-1.5.

This will not require *consumers* of to change their BREEs
unless they need to use new 1.5 APIs (ex: org.eclipse.ui.workbench
still has a BREE of J2SE-1.4).  The requirement that no one specifies
a maximum version range for still applies.


Paul Webster
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