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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - July 28, 2010

[ Special "Eclipse 4.0 Ships Today" Edition! ;-) ]

 Discussion Topic

Rel. Eng.:
- Since the Indigo plan doesn't show any 1.5 vms on the target platform list,
  do we still need to continue testing it since it is EOL?
- For 3.7, I would like to move the build completely to Foundation hardware
  so it would be good to know the testing requirements


 - newsgroups, bugzilla, conf call
 - released fix for bug 320195, "hang when annotation processor generates
   same file on every round"
 - investigation into bug 318134 (cloned for 3.6.1 as bug 320832), "NPE
   when processing unresolved generic inner type"

- prepared fixes for 3.6.1 (awaiting review)
- added 'F' decorator for local variables
- fixed a char conversion bug in the NLS tooling
- fixed an NPE and improved performance of the Infer Generic Type
  Arguments refactoring
- working on a new UI that allows to filter the elements on the
  'Errors/Warnings' preference/property page
- prepared patch for JDT Debug that adds an 'Open >From Clipboard' action

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- prepared fixes for 3.6.1 (awaiting review)
- continued work on 'Open Hyperlink' command
- fixed color problems in hovers related to WebKit
- fixed accessibility (screen reader) issues on 'Content Assist' >
 'Advanced' preference page

Rel. Eng.:
- helping with e4/4.0 build - builds are now signed and packed
- performance testing fixed - results are now generated automatically
- 3.7M1 build schedule now available:
- since Monday and Tuesday are holidays for many Ottawa committers,
  not sure if the build schedule needs to be tweaked a bit
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- bug fixes
- bug triage for 3.6.1 (one bug not released yet: awaiting review)
- planning for 3.7 (will be finalized when we know what is going on
  with Java 7)
- vacations

- completed 6 fixes for 3.6.1 (no more planned currently)
- minor bug fixing in HEAD
- collecting 3.7 plan items

- working on 3.6.1 fixes
- minor bug fixing in HEAD
- collecting 3.7 plan items

- testing Ant 1.8.1 for inclusion in Eclipse
- collecting 3.7 plan items

- Bug 299538 - Exception when trying to commit a lot of projects (FIXED)
- 'Check Out As' dialog now honors auto-refresh tag preference (FIXED)
- Synchronize view: Refresh (F5) now also refreshes from local (FIXED)
- backporting fixes to 3.6.1

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