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[eclipse-dev] HEAD open for 3.7 (Indigo) development

As discussed in today's architecture call, HEAD is now open for development towards the Indigo release for the Eclipse and Equinox projects.

To recap how this works, org.eclipse.releng will not be tagged with R3_6 until we officially declare 3.6. At that point org.eclipse.releng will be branched with "R3_6_maintenance" for builds towards Helios SR1 (3.6.1). Teams are responsible for branching their own projects for 3.6.1 builds.

Nightly builds towards 3.7 will begin tonight with builds from HEAD. Integration and 3.6.1 maintenance builds will begin once we declare the 3.6 release. Please do NOT update any map files until scheduled integration builds start.  If an emergency fix for 3.6 is required at this point, you will need to branch your project if you have already commenced 3.7 development in HEAD.


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