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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - May 19, 2010


- inbox, bugzilla, newsgroups, conf calls
- RC1 signoff

JDT Core:
- 3.6RC1 verification
- vacation
- 3.6RC1 testing day
- few bugs tagged as 3.6RC2

Rel. Eng.:
- build is now 40-50 minutes faster due to NFS changes at the foundation
  - thank you webmasters!
  - from Denis:
    - "We moved the and mounts to
      the other NFS server (the one that serves pserver and other less
      important stuff), and that seems to have made an enormous difference"
- added new early access Eclipse SDK:
  - linux-gtk-s390x
- testing running builds on new speedy hudson slave server
- 3.6RC1 released
- testing running builds with RC1 bundles
- bug fixing

- 3.6RC1 test pass - no major regressions found
- so far 7 bugs targeted for RC2 (1 already fixed in I20100518-0800)
- inbox tracking
- public holiday
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- 3.6RC1 test pass - no regressions found
- 'Go to Line' dialog is now pre-filled with current line number
  (for accessibility)
- so far 3 bugs targeted for RC2 (2 already fixed in I20100518-0800)
- inbox tracking
- public holiday
- vacation

- 5 bugs currently fixed in 3.6RC2, including:
    - "The text of ToolTip is a black bubble on OS linux Ubuntu 10.04"
    - "Need command-line option to turn off IA2"
- still investigating some other bugs for 3.6RC2, mostly in accessibility

- RC1 test pass
- RC2 fixes: 8 planned:
  - [compared to 24 fixes in RC1]

- RC1 test pass
- RC2 fixes: 20 planned:
  - includes polish item for CVS import from plug-ins view
  - investigating regression (bug 313239)
  - [compared to 37 fixes in RC1]

User Assistance:
- bug fixing and testing
- ran a test for broken links in the documentation using a link checker
  in and filed bugs based on the results

- 3.6 perf tests:
  - builds verification (all scenarios):
    - I20100504-0800: nothing new
    - I20100509-0800: no available results
    - I20100511-0800: nothing new
    - I20100513-0800: nothing new
    - I20100513-1500 (RC1): no available results
      => copied I20100513-0800 results in HTML pages
    - I20100516-0800: nothing new
    - I20100518-0800: nothing new
  - bugs status:
    - 29 opened: 8 remaining, 12 fixed, 8 resolved, 1 postponed

- bug fixing and testing RC1
- bug fixing RC2
- the polish bugs list:
  - Bug 273450 - Wrong dialogs when closing Compare With Each Other...
    editor [moved to 3.7]
  - Bug 305994 - [Sync View][Apply Patch] Allow to apply patch via Paste
    in Synchronize view [fixed]
- Bug 309430 - DBCS3.6: CVS can not display DBCS correctly in "Apply Patch"
  dialog under UTF-8 [investigating]
- Bug 312715 - Need symlink support in eclipse for windows vista
  [in progress, planned to release early in 3.7]

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