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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - May 12, 2010


JDT Core:
- one last bug tagged as RC1 under investigation.
- implemented the new option in the code formatter
- bug triage
- vacation

- added new preference that allows to disable Off/On tags in the
- New Java Working Set icon now also has a '+' sign in it
- RC1 bug fixing in the end phase (no major issue on the list)
- investigated and resolved Frédéric's performance bugs:
  - only one left
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- investigated and resolved Frédéric's performance bugs
- RC1 bug fixing in the end phase (waiting for patch reviews on
  two bigger issues, no further major issue on the list)
- inbox tracking

 - bugs, inbox, newsgroups, conf calls
 - retagged and released to force source bundle rebuild and pick
   up some copyright fixes
 - happy with RC1, no changes planned

User Assistance:
- completed a test pass with pseudo-localized content
- fixed three bugs
- Appscan has been run against the help system:
  - investigating one warning which may be a false positive
- the help server performance regression was due to a bug fix in
  Jetty, impact on clients is believed to be minor
- started process to remove API for luceneSearchParticipants

- testing
- bug fixing:
  - 23 RC1 fixes so far
  - no more RC1 candidates

- bug fixing:
  - 24 RC1 fixes so far
  - 5 patches ready:
    - @10 candidates

- testing UNC paths on Eclipse:
  - investigating UNC issues in cvs and core.resources
  - only one UNC issue left in Workspace
  - Bug 202484:
    - Can't create projects on root UNC shares.
    - creating projects in the root is unlikely, however if this
      issue blocks someone, please let me know.
- the polish bugs list:
  - Bug 273450 - Wrong dialogs when closing Compare With Each
    Other... editor:
    - [in progress]
  - Bug 305994 - [Sync View][Apply Patch] Allow to apply patch via
    Paste in Synchronize view:
    - [in progress]
- Bug 309430 - DBCS3.6: CVS can not display DBCS correctly in
  "Apply Patch" dialog under UTF-8:
  - [investigating]
- fixing documentation

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