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Re: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse Project 4.0 Release

On 29-Apr-2010, at 4:43 PM, John Arthorne wrote:
> To Brian, it may be a subtle distinction made up of 50+ projects, of which the platform is only one. So, "Eclipse 4.0" makes as much sense as "Apache 4.0", and calling it that will surely disappoint the 80%+ of end users who download something other than the "Eclipse Classic" download that our single project produces. I realize the distinction between "Eclipse Project" and "Eclipse Foundation" is lost on most of the user community but I'm not sure what we can do about that. 

You're right John, I was sloppy in using "Eclipse 4.0" for "Eclipse Platform 4.0".  I didn't intend any slight to other Eclipse projects.  But to be fair, your original mail mentions both "Eclipse 4.0" and "Eclipse 4.0 SDK".  To be honest, I find the differences between "Eclipse Platform", "Eclipse Project", and "Eclipse SDK" somewhat baffling, and I've been following Eclipse as an interested observer and user for years.  But it hasn't really mattered as the release trains have corresponded to the point releases of the platform for long enough that they were effectively interchangeable.  And we contribute to this association by explicitly embedding the platform version into the Eclipse Classic package file names.

Perhaps this is the right time to break the tie between the release train names and the platform version number.  FWIW, I'd support renaming Eclipse Platform to Eclipse Tooling Platform to make a very clean break.  Or if the decision is made to continue with a suffix "Eclipse Platform 4.0", could I suggest instead of "Early Adopter" we use "TINI" for "This Is Not Indigo" (or "Isaac") :-)


[*] I'm almost willing to bet that most web heads associate "Apache 2.2" to a particular release of the Apache HTTP webserver ;)

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