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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 28, 2010



  - bugs, inbox, conf calls

JDT Core:
- fixed long standing issue with line wrapping and cascading method
- worked on performance issues
- fixed some code assist issues
- bug triage
- 3.6M7 verification
- investigating search issue with working sets
- fixes in the batch compiler to accomodate changes in PDE/Build

- a few bug fixes (5)
- testing & triage

- support to add individual bundles to a feature based launch
- support to synchronize project compiler warning/error settings
  with PDE build
- support to synchronize resource encoding settings with PDE build
- bug fixing
- testing & triage

- added annotations to Javadoc hovers
- fixed a problem with DocumentChanges being executed in a background
- worked on improving quick fix to add @SuppressWarnings to local
- removed Java 1.7 from the Java Compiler preference/properties page
- in "New *" wizards, fixed bugs regarding virtual and filtered
- for GTK, released a workaround for deadlocks on Quick Fix:
  - bug 293995

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- fixed a problem when block selection spans parts of a tab character:
  - bug 307395

Platform UI:
- on the Mac, keybinding for Space is now rendered as "Space", not "_"
  - bug 226988

- accessibility: debugging with various screen readers
- setting up for S390/S390X builds
- various bug fixes, including:
  - bug 283503: Eclipse crashes at
- 3.6M7 testing

Rel. Eng.:
- p2 discovery tests now run as part of build.  They test
  functionality outside the SDK.  We provision the necessary bundles
  from the repo
- upgraded to Jetty 6.1.23 and new Orbit build
- tested building with new bundles to fix problems with metadata in
  sliced repos (JDT, PDE, examples etc)
- updated features with new licenses
- all bundles are now signed. The foundation has implemented logging
  for the signing process
- The signing process is taking 90 minutes to complete. It used to take
  45 minutes to sign.  Why?  We have more bundles.  The load average on is high with so many projects running builds and
  signing.  The foundation is in the process of implementing new hardware
  so will be faster
- bug fixing

- working on BiDi issues
- working on the 3.6 polish items
- fixing M7 issues
- testing on Mon and Tue


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