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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 14, 2010

 Discussion Topics

can we get a pseudo translated version of Eclipse for testing? (Chris G)


- 3.6 perf tests:
  - automatic generation of page results is back :-)
    Thanks to Kim for having fixed this annoying issue!
  - builds verification (all scenarios):
    - N20100410-2000: nothing new
    - N20100412-2000: nothing new
    - I20100413-1521: not finished yet

Platform Workspace:
- fixing performance issues
- Bug 297635 - Discard saved states if they are never processed [in progress]
- Bug 305202 - [Sync View][Apply Patch] Introduce "Ignore Leading Path Segments" option in sync view [in progress]
- Bug 301820 - Resource Filters UI is not intuitive [in progress]
- improving performance - Bug 289617 - ContentTypePerformanceTest#testNameMatching() regression [fixed, waiting for perf test results]

Platform UI:
- Open Resource: Fixed camel case issues and added doc
- Mac: Command+Q now confirms quit (bug 283345)

- Package and Project Explorer now show special icon for build path errors
- fixed several BiDi, DBCS and surrogate related issues
- investigated performance problems in Debug related to breakpoints (too many ASTs created)
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text
- fixed several BiDi, DBCS and surrogate related issues
- huge performance improvement for WordRule in ignoreCase mode
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

 - inbox, bugzilla, newsgroups, conf calls.

- installed the latest Ubuntu 10.04 beta
   - initial testing indicates that swt/eclipse are working here similar to on Ubuntu 9.10
- WebKitGTK+ implementation of Browser is ready for use
   - as of the latest nightly build the minimum required WebKitGTK+ version is 1.1.90, which the Ubuntu 10.04 beta has
   - instructions to use it: (note: will make this info available in a more visible public place)
      - add "Device.DEBUG = true" before instantiating first Browser, so native browser version will be printed to stdout
      - set java property "org.eclipse.swt.browser.UseWebKitGTK" to "true"
      - create the Browser with style SWT.NONE
- accessibility work continues
   - have acquired new versions of WindowEyes, Supernova and NVDA to help with IA2 testing
- CSS engine work for e4's M5 release last week
- added @noreference annotations to public-visibility non-API fields/methods (all of these had loud pre-existing "this is not API" javadoc)
- various bug fixes, including:
   - 128184 : cannot view site with invalid certificate
   - 308188 : [BiDi] Java editor - wrong position of caret when typing Hebrew data

-honoured to be a new member of the Eclipse Foundation's architecture council
-testing generating source references in build
-testing new bundles to support various bug fixes
-trying to fix performance results generation see
-updating feature licenses
-fighting with CVS
-bug fixing

User Assistance:
- Help view scope dialog updated for criteria
- Assessing status of remaining bugs with 3.6 target, some may need to be defer

- bug fixing

- adding feature based launch support to OSGi launch configurations
- support to re-use SDK's metadata when exporting
- improving error messages from PDE build when compilation errors exist
- continuing work on embedding source URLs in binary bundles
- investigating test failures
- bug fixing/triage

- Fixed feature licenses
- Minor polish on p2 API
- Fixed 233469 - unable to move plugins between dropins and plugins
- Fixed 308934 - force uninstall of bundles deleted from dropins

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