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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 31, 2010


- EclipseCon
- newsgroups, inbox, Bugzilla tracking
- reminding myself of outstanding APT bugs
[ed.: welcome back, Walter]

JDT Core:
- fix issues around getting javadoc for referenced classpath entries
- working on getting the issue with scheduling rules fixed (305043)
- code formatter fixes
- code assist fixes
- compiler fixes
- Eclipsecon
- bug triage

Platform UI:
- working on Open Resource dialog (improvements to bug 86973)
- fixed leaks in FilteredItemsSelectionDialog, CompoundContributionItem, OpenWithMenu
- clarified 'Show In' feature (doc and Javadoc)

- fixed problems in JUnit view history with illegal XML characters and encodings
- investigated performance issue related to twistie animation on Windows 7 (see SWT bug 302396)
- New Java Project wizard can now create projects nested in other folders in the workspace
- added Project Explorer as 'Show In' target to all JDT perspectives
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- content assist: additional info pop-up is now hidden when table is resized
- protected template support against invalid XML characters
- fixed some bugs in Clean Ups
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

- eclipsecon
- accessibility work continues
- use of WebKitGTK approved by Eclipse Foundation
- welcome back, Scott Kovatch
- polish
- bug fixes, newsgroups
- vacation

User Assistance:
- working on polish items in Help View
- continuing to test and bug fix filtering of help view

Rel. Eng.:
- really enjoyed EclipseCon. Conducted a p2 tutorial with Ian Bull, a short talk on
  Eclipse Talk Ten, participated in a build panel and organized EclipseCon exercise
  where we ran a total of 570K.
- it was wonderful to meet so many people from the community, as well as other
  committers who I work with, but don't have the chance to see in person very often.
- Jeff Norris from NASA gave a talk "Rocket Science and the Republic".  It was amazing.
  Best. talk. ever.  Not to mention that he thanked the committers for all their hard work.
  Thank you eclipse committers!
- digging out from bugzilla and email

Platform Workspace:
- EclipseCon
- Tomasz is off
- M7 fixing and polishing

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