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[eclipse-dev] UI Testing (was: Planning meeting notes, July 15 2009)

At Wind River, we had invested into the TPTP AGR as well as Rational Functional Tester (RFT)
2 years ago. When the AGR went into maintenance mode, we did an extensive survey and
tested lots of different tools. We finally picked QF-Test from QFS as the winner of our evaluations.
After 1.5 years of using it, we still believe it's the best UI testing tool for our needs. Of course
the needs of others may differ, but for us the main reasons are:
  • (compared to RFT:) The flexible and intelligent UI object recognition mechanism minimizes relearning of UI objects even if UI layout changes (e.g. restructuring of perpectives). Before QF-Test, the need to re-learn the UI widget map after even simple layout changes to dialogs had been killing our productivity.
  • Strong script debugging including the possibility of one-click updating expected results of checks
  • (compared to SilkTest:) New SWT versions are supported very early. We got "early bird" instrumented SWT plugins at most a couple of days after requesting them. This is only one aspect of the very responsive support we experienced by QFS.
  • (compared to SWTBot:) The ability to include manipulations on native dialogs is a must-have for us.
I added QF-Test into Szymon's table.
Feel free to ask any questions about it. In order to offload the global eclipse-dev mailing list,
I created bug as a channel for further
discussing UI testing tools - ask questions there, or CC if you are interested.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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Subject: [eclipse-dev] Planning meeting notes, July 15 2009

- For next week's meeting, please start sending status messages to McQ again.
- Szymon has added information about UI test tools to:
Everyone, please have a look at the top two tools, SWTBot and Window Tester. We should decide as a group which tool we would like to use.

Continued raw notes from the retrospective:
- OSGi spec was late
- questions around ramp down policy with cross-project dependencies
- proposal: code coverage integrated into the build
- considering a new approach to documentation (wiki text)
- performance degradation comments need to be reset at the beginning of each release cycle
- doc changes in RC4 broke the builds
- split out doc tests


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