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[eclipse-dev] IP logs due Wednesday

This Wednesday is the deadline for submitting our IP logs to the foundation for review as part of the Galileo release. All committers need to ensure that patches they have released are marked with the "iplog+" flag by then.  I have been going through the tentative logs and fixing various mistakes. If you are the bug owner, please double-check any change I make. If I ask a question about the IP contribution in the bug, please respond ASAP.

The most common mistake is putting the iplog+ flag on the bug itself rather than on the attachment. Putting the flag on the bug itself marks every comment from a non-commiter as a contribution in the IP log. This is only intended for use when the contribution is embedded in a comment and is not available in a patch. If the contribution is in an attachment, put the flag on the attachment and *not* on the bug itself. For more details see [1].

Here are the tentative logs if you want to browse through them and see if they look reasonable:


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