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Re: [eclipse-dev] How to ensure mnemonics uniqueness?

Pawel, in general this is, as you point out, impossible to solve within the IDE itself. When different parties can all play in the same area (i.e. adding to a menu) then clashes are going to happen. In cases where the clashes can be identified under a 'known' assembly then we can urge/beg/beat one of the teams into using another mnemonic. We do this for the Eclipse SDK, for example but not for Galileo (where one person may have BIRT and another CDT since we can't ensure which components are being used in conjunction).

Note that all the platforms handle this fairly well, they cycle through the identical entries...but...Paul just pointed out an interesting issue with this; -disabled- items are not included in the cycling. It works fine if everything is enabled but if either of the clashing items is suseptible to becoming disabled then the sequence of keys needed to find a particular item may change, causing unforseen (and potentially unfortunate...;-) consequences.

As a general rule we do expect that folks who are contributing into an existing menu (i.e. File) will check the default contents of the menu and not use an existing mnemonic.

Note that we have similar issues with key binding clashes but here we now give feedback through a small 'popup' that lets you select the one you meant (and yuo can always 'unbind' the other one).


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[eclipse-dev] How to ensure mnemonics uniqueness?

I'd like to ask how various teams enforce uniqueness of mnemonics. This seems impossible particularly in the places where any team can contribute (like vertical ruler's context menu). Does UI component provide any help in such cases?

The problem is probably much more frequent when you use components that were never tested together.

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