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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 8, 2009

 Discussion Topic

Equinox p2:
- Should we enable check for auto update on startup?:
  - see bug https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=268166

- Is it too late to add support Solaris x86?


- newsgroups, conf calls, inbox, Bugzilla
- ongoing work on bug 269934

- continued performance investigations:
  - one remaining issue blocking Frédéric's root bug 270824
- review of GSoC proposals
- continued to work on Call Hierarchy improvements
- added bugs to polish wish list
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking
- 2 public holidays

Platform Text and JDT Text
- finished performance investigations:
  - all bugs from Frédéric's root bug 270824 fixed or moved
    to other components
- added bugs to polish wish list
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking
- 2 public holidays

Platform Search:
- inbox tracking
- 2 public holidays

- bug fixing & triage

Platform UI:
- Ctrl+PgUp/Down to switch between editors does not get stuck in
  multi-page editors anymore. Within a multi-page editor, use Alt+PgUp/Down
- performance investigation ongoing, not much progress yet unfortunately
- progress on e4 compatibility layer

- added plug-in check box selection tab to target definition wizard
  and editor
- working on p2 target provisioner for target definitions
- plug-in export now uses p2 publisher (generates metadata)
- new "Category" editor to support category definition of bundles
  during plug-in export
- investigating performance of API analysis builder
- migrated code to use new preferences API
- bug fixing & triage

- bug fixing
- inbox tracking
- performance investigation
- polish item work (bug 222615)

- investigating performance
- bug fixing for M7
- implementing the final DS specification changes
- release p2 support for install handler
- new p2 committer Henrik Lindberg from Cloudsmith
- enjoying Easter chocolate

User Assistance:
- modifying the slate theme to make it less sparse
- reviewing and retriaging all  open help bugs, about 50% complete
- bug fixing
- close out of old bugs which are not reproducible
- added more tests for search

Rel. Eng.:
- still testing publisher changes to build -- getting closer :-)
- equnox team reorganized their sdk to include compendium, core, p2,
  serverside and equinox.executable fetaures
- see this bug for more details:
  - https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=270694
- upgraded version of jetty
- bug fixing

- inbox tracking
- bug fixing for M7, improving tests and polishing
- native filesystem support for Mac x86_64 enabled, should be available
  in the next NBuild
- one performance issue left -- bug 182337, one of ideas suggested in the
  report is released already (see bug 247689), other ideas require API