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Re: [eclipse-dev] Packaging of the Eclipse RCP SDK

Ok, that sounds reasonable to me. Although I think that the current "client/UI centric" view will change with time. More and more RCP applications will do client/server communication (e.g. Riena´s remote services, p2 using ECF which uses core.net´s ProxyManager, ..).
So, my conclusion: Not yet, may be after 3.5.


John Arthorne wrote:

Generally the RCP feature contains a minimal subset of plugins of interest to RCP applications. Most (all?) of the core.* plugins there are present because they are required by RCP UI. Typically this feature is used as a starting point for RCP apps, but other bundles from the platform can easily be added on top. For example some RCP applications use org.eclipse.core.resources and related core bits, but most don't. So, those who need it just install it on top. Is there a particular reason you think those plugins are needed in the RCP feature? If you still think this is important, please enter a bug report and we can continue the discussion there.


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[eclipse-dev] Packaging of the Eclipse RCP SDK

I am wondering what the rules are for projects to become part of the Eclipse RCP SDK.
Especially I am asking for the projects:
- core.net.*
- core.variables
which are not part of it although a lot of other core.* bundles are there.
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