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[eclipse-dev] WARNING! The CustomizePerspectiveDialog in M4/5 can make menu and tool items 'disappear' permanently

From this week's UI Status message:

- Important: We fixed a major bug that caused contributed toolbar items to be hidden (bug 264312). If you don't see toolbar or menu items that should be there, please do Window > Reset Perspective.

First, it you haven't used this dialog then don't !!

The bug is not fixed yet but will be by next Tueday's I-build....

Anybody who has used (in this case opening it and simply hitting OK == 'used') the new Customize Perspective Dialog may be missing some menu and/or Toolbar items. The basic issue is that the current code was interpreting the -current- state of an item or ActionSet as being what the user wanted as their permanent state. This means that any menu or tool item that was not currently visible when the dialog was opened will have been tagged as 'hidden', meaning that it will never appear. Similarly, ActionSets that were off when the dialog was opened are tagged as 'always off', meaning that the menu and toolbar items registered to that action set will also never appear.

Note that these are cosmetic effects and won't affect the stability of the running eclipse...if you aren't missing anything you need you're OK. People who are missing items they expect to see should (as stated above) reset their perspective and refrain from using the dialog until they get the next I-build. Since we haven't been spammed with "Where is item <x>?" defects we hope that we have caught this before it has caused too much trouble...

There will be an update on this issue that will be posted when the I-build comes out...

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused,

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