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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 18, 2009


Platform UI:
- Important:
  - A major bug was introduced in 3.5 M4 that could cause contributed
    toolbar items to be hidden (bug 264312).  If you have opened the
    customize perspective dialog since 3.5 M4, and you don't see toolbar
    or menu items that should be there, please do Window > Reset Perspective.
    Eric will send a separate message to eclipse-dev with details about this.
- extensible About dialog now in HEAD (bug 246875)
- it looks like we found a way to avoid incompatible changes to the
  Common Navigator (bug 252293)
- setting up Viewers with data binding got easier (bug 260337)
- various bug fixes:
  - mostly data binding and status handling

- newsgroups, inbox, Bugzilla, conf calls
- no feature work this week; mostly user support

- no pending 3.4.2 fixes
- the Open Type dialog now shows matching regions in bold:
  - provided exemplary patch to add same to 'Open Resource'
- made execution environment first class citizen. Compiler compliance is automatically adjusted  when execution environment is changed:
  - provided patch to JDT Debug to adjust their code
- added feature that auto-sorts working sets in Package Explorer
- improved getter/setter generation
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- no pending 3.4.2 fixes
- continued work on 'Open Implementation' hyperlink detector
- started work on adding 'Show in Properties File' action to NLS key hover
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Search:
- no pending 3.4.2 fixes
- inbox tracking

- continued work on breakpoint listeners (bug 260910)
- working on EclipseCon tutorial
- bug fixing

- continued work on API usage scans. Sample report:
- continued work API analysis of split bundles (bug 259997)
- enhancements to new Target Platform preference page and editor:
  - progress reporting, icons for fragments & source bundles
  - filters for plug-ins and source bundles
  - error reporting & icons for resolution problems (missing directories, etc.)
  - working on diaog to add VM args to target/launch configs from .ini file
  - planning to remove the old page *next* week
- bug fixing

User Assistance:
- bug fixing
- working on Search index performance

Platform Workspace:
- inbox tracking
- working on 3.5 M6 (
- fixing regression in the compare editor
- new API for patches/hunks added (bug 183238)
- compare core dependency to core.resources removed

- full steam on publisher
- released support to avoid mungling [ed. "mungling"?] the user's vm args
- released support to install from another install by pointing at a profile file
- work on ant task to mirror parts of a repository
- OSGi spec review
- tweaking OSGi APIs
- testcase development
- bug fixes

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