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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 11, 2009

 Discussion Topic

User Assistance:
- Is it time to deprecate the old style editor based welcome?


- newsgroups, inbox, Bugzilla, conf calls
- work on bug 263985

- no pending 3.4.2 fixes
- discussed search pattern region match API with JDT Core
- looked at several Common Navigator issues
- continued work on auto-sort of working sets in Package Explorer
- finalizing feature to automatically adjust compiler compliance
  when Execution Environment is changed
- fixed wrong Hamcrest package version number in org.junit4
- discussions with / patches for Platform/UI and SWT about:
  - OK/Cancel button order on GTK, split button in Open Resource dialog
  - Ctrl+PageUp/Down to switch editors (also in multi-page editors)
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- no pending 3.4.2 fixes
- enabled 'Editor Presentation' (without 'Toggle Segmented Mode')
  action set when editor is active
- added new extension that allows to contribute a template context
  registry along with its context types
- investigated the adoption of the new range differencer API from Compare
  ==> cannot use at the moment as it drags in dependency on
      core.resources, Compare is investigating a solution
- added new SWT templates for ToolBar and ToolItem
- continued work on 'Open Implementation' hyperlink detector
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Search:
- no pending 3.4.2 fixes
- inbox tracking

- string variables available for headless operation: ${project_loc},
  etc. (bug 208484)
- API for step filter behavior: through vs. return (bug 214130)
- started work on API for breakpoint listener extensions (bug 260910)
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- investigated usage of nio instead of io.
- fixed AST rewrite problem of indentation in switch statement:
- improved completion to propose types and constructors when
  completing 'new X' if the expected types is an array types:
- investigated how API Tools could filter code assist proposals
- unused public members of private classes are now flagged:
- fixed deprecation problem on inherited return type:
- adjusted code to new PRE_REFRESH semantics:
- patch for matching regions is ready:

Rel. Eng.:
- now using composite repositories in 3.5 stream builds
- added equinox.ds and equinox.util to rcp feature
- test builds for JUnit4 in test framework
- added ICU 4.0.1 to build
- bug fixing
- 3.4.2 endgame

Platform UI:
- Finished the first e4 milestone, 0.9 M1!
- ICU4J has been upgraded to 4.0.1, the version that will ship
  with Eclipse SDK 3.5. With this upgrade, Eclipse now supports
  specifying nlExtensions, ex:
    eclipse -nl en_US -nlExtensions "@collation=phonebook;calendar=islamic-civil;currency=USD"
    - see
      for more information
- command framework:
  - changes will be made to the source providers that supply variables
    like activeWorkbenchWindow, activePart, etc that drive the
    IEvaluationService (bug 226746).
- would like to add textual labels to the welcome page:
  - see bugs 62023 and 249039 and status from UA team
- upcoming changes to make the About dialog extensible (bug 246875)
- Resource Navigator end of life:
  - we'll deprecate the API in 3.5 and move the code into a separate
    plugin in 3.6
- Common Navigator down to 80 issues (from 130 a few weeks ago)
- Common Navigator incompatibility discussion is still active (bug 252293)

- working on enhancements and polish for new target editor/preference page
- support to export source bundles from export wizard
- support for the latest DS (declarative services) specification 1.1
- generating API use reports:
  - see for links to example
    reports (they are zipped and need to be downloaded)
  - reports give producer based view of APIs/internals consumed by others
  - investigating ways to store reference information in a database
- Re-worked support for handling API analysis of plug-in split/refactorings:
  - bug 259997
- support for branding p2 artifacts in PDE build:
  - bug 263717

User Assistance:
- fixed several intro bugs
- considering a change to make labels visible on the root page of
  intro in the circles theme

- inbox tracking
- working on 3.5 M6:
- fixing regression in the compare editor (e.g. bug 261613, bug 261530)

- M6 bug fixing
- OSGi spec and testcase work
- EclipseCon preperation
- continuing work on the p2 publisher
- evangelizing creating of zip'ed p2 repos to facilitate metadata consumption

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