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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Jan 28, 2009

[ Belated status from yesterday. Sorry all, I was/am max'ed. (Note: This is what they look like if I don't canonicalize them.) ]


JDT APT status:
- newsgroups, inbox, Bugzilla, conf calls
- lots of APT/JDT questions this week; have been doing a lot of user
support, testing, and filing bugs
- APT is finished for 3.4.2 and for 3.5M5

* Debug view bread crumb control is released for M5 (bug 252677)
- when the view is sized to one line it automatically switches to a bread crumb control showing the suspended thread/frame
* Working directory chooses for launch configuration tabs made API (bug 221973)
* Investigating console deadlock fix for 3.4.2 (bug 259107)
* Bug fixing

* Target Platforms
- experimental preference page to manage mutliple target platforms and wizard to create/edit new targets
- new target platform editor supports installation based targets (in addition to directories/features of bundles)
* System library reference validation
- API errors/warnings page provides link to download required metadata (per environment)
- you need to install the environments (fragments) you want validation for
* Continued work on API use scans/reports
- using XSLT to create HTML reports
- investigating use of database to store/process scan results
* Start levels supported on Eclipse application launch configurations
* PDE supports DS (declarative services) in self-hosting and build scenarios
* Bug fixing

- no pending 3.4.2 fixes
- full day 3.4.2 testing: no regressions found
- working towards 3.5 M5 (testing, N&N, ...)
- fixed missing nodes in Java Model in Synchronize view (a folder inside a package was not visible, see bug 261198)
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text
- no pending 3.4.2 fixes
- full day 3.4.2 testing: no regressions found
- continued on 'Open Implementation' hyperlink detector
- fixed navigation (e.g. Ctrl+O) issues in Java compare editor
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking
- vacation

Platform Search
- no pending 3.4.2 fixes
- full day 3.4.2 testing: no regressions found
- working towards 3.5 M5 (testing, N&N, ...)
- inbox tracking

- added API to create a wildcard binding key using a generic type and a rank (
- improved constructor name completion 'new X|' (
- added constructor completion when type is not yet imported 'new NotImported(|'
- investigated a problem of indentation for statement inserted before a switch case (
- continued work on search to provide matching regions (
- investigated failure in EncodingTests in maintenance stream (
- started investigating performance regression on startup (

User Assistance:
- Committed changes for contribution "Quick Search" following approval of the CQ.
- Committed changes for contribution "Show Welcome Checkbox" following approval of the CQ.
- Bug fixing.
- Testing of 3.4.2 and 3.5M5
- Got the first results from the new server performance tests. Servlet Read is about 15% slower than in 3.4. Am investigating.

-test builds for new M5 bundles, new publisher functionality, composite repostories
-composite repositories will be released the first week after M5
-fixed 3.4.2 feature versions and copyrights
-bug fixing

- framework
 - got an AIOOBE while generating M5 results
   (see bug
- 3.4.2 perf tests:
 - results for M20090121-0842
   - possible regression ??? in Platform/SWT
     (see bug
- 3.5 perf tests:
 - results for I20090127-0100
   - regression noticed in Platform/Ant
     (see bug
   - invalid comment in Platform/Compare
     (see bug
   - problem with test duration in Platform/UA
     (see bug

Platform UI:
- last fixes went into 3.4.2
- bug fixing push for 3.5M5, mostly common navigator and data binding
- for common navigator changes, see
- data binding:
- new properties API
- added radio button support
- many bug fixes
- more widget attributes supported

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