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[eclipse-dev] UNC test scenarios

Hi all,
sorry for the confusion around UNC. I added some test scenarios to John's page, and here is a draft what somebody (John? McQ? I?) could send to cross-project. For cross-project, it may make sense to defer sending this E-Mail until m5 is released; for the Eclipse project, we should probably start finding testers before m5. Any thoughts how to best proceed?
Subject: UNC Path Support
Equinox has recently discovered and fixed some issues related to using UNC paths on Windows ("//myhost/myshare"), which were related to the way that and treats them. An UNC Paths Wiki Page [1] has been created with test scenarios and developer information how to properly work around the issues in the Java class libraries.
If you deal with local file paths as URLs or URIs in your project, be sure to read this page and test your component with the upcoming Eclipse 3.5m4. Additionally, we'd appreciate if some developers could actually run their installations or workspaces from UNC; let us now by signing up on bug 207103 [2] when you can work in such an environment.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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Subject: [eclipse-dev] UNC path information

The following wiki page describes how to set up your environment to use UNC paths, and describes some specific issues that can be encountered in code when working with UNC paths:

Feel free to record additional issues you come up with, or link other resources, into this page.


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