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[eclipse-dev] New OSGi API (org.osgi.service.framework) Composite Bundles is provisional

This message is anyone using or considering the use of Composite Bundles (org.osgi.service.framework) in the Galileo release.

Composite bundles are a new concept being introduced in the upcoming OSGi R4.2 specification. For Galileo M5 Equinox has released an initial implementation of composite bundles (API package org.osgi.service.framework). The Core Platform Expert Group at OSGi has decided that the concept of Composite Bundles needs a bit more time to incubate before declaring it as a final specification in the R4.2 specification. For the R4.2 OSGi Core specification Composite Bundles will be released as a "proposed" specification. Proposed specifications are considered experimental or provisional and may change drastically in a future release of the specification or may be dropped altogether.

The Core Platform Export Group would like to get more experience with the concept of Composite Bundles before deciding that the API is final. In Equinox we still plan to continue development of the Composite Bundle for Galileo but the package org.osgi.service.framework will not be considered as true API. We will export it as x-internal (from the org.eclipse.osgi bundle) until a future release of the OSGi specification makes the Composite Bundles specification final.

I will continue to inform the community if the API changes during the Galileo release.


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