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[eclipse-dev] Post Planning Meeting Notes - Jan 14, 2009

  • Support for UNC paths was discussed. Some UNC issues have been resolved by the p2 team and we should find out where the Eclipse SDK (as a whole) stands with respect to UNC paths. We decided that during the next milestone test pass, each team should designate one person for using a UNC path for their workspace and/or Eclipse installation directory. John Arthorne to send out details for how to set this up.
  • Martin Oberhuber raised the question of reference platforms, specifically why there is no 1.6 VM listed for Linux. It turns out that the automated tests already run on a 1.6 VM under Linux. The list of reference platforms will be updated by McQ. To better represent the reference platforms, and to have a place to comment on the level of testing that takes place, we decided that Martin's idea of creating one Bugzilla for each reference platform was good. McQ will create the inital set of bugs.
  • Important reminder: If you want to release external contributions as part of Galileo, remember that the deadline to create CQs is January 31st.


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