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RE: [eclipse-dev] problem of SVN commit and update

Hi Reka.
The eclipse-dev email list is for developers working on the Eclipse Project.  It is not meant for technical support; please use the newsgroups for support.  You can get information about the newsgroups here:
Also please note the page which is referenced from the newsgroups page - it may help you ask your question in a way that people can answer.
Anyway, I think you probably need to ask the makers of the Subversion plugin you are using.  Subversion is not directly supported by Eclipse; it is a third-party product.  You need to find out what Subversion plugin you are using, and go find their support forum.  When you do, it will be helpful to mention the version of Eclipse and the version of the Subversion plugin.
Hope that helps!

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Subject: [eclipse-dev] problem of SVN commit and update

I am using eclipse Europe. I use SVN as version controling system. I was commit the SVN and it commited successfully but my sub version was didn't automatically update therefore
I must be manually update sub version.    

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