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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Dec 17, 2008

 Discussion Topic

- discuss our ability to support UNC paths


JDT APT status:
- inbox, newsgroups, Bugzilla, conf calls
- 3.5M4 release

- p2:
  - M5 planning
  - testing and testcase development
  - investigating if UNC paths can be supported
  - determine need for p2 API
  - publisher integration
  - investigating pluggable versions
- Framework/Compendium:
  - implementing DS changes for R4.2
  - implementing IP changes in R4.2
  - implementing RFC 138
  - developing testcases for new spec function
  - testing
  - M5 planning

JDT Core:
- bugs verification for 3.5M4
- New & Noteworthy for 3.5M4
- kept working on constructors completion
- work in progress for improved method generic inference (JLS
- working on 257528 An API to incrementaly generate compilation units
  for binding resolution environment
- improved tool to observe Java model cache

- shipped 3.5 M4
- tracked down and fixed ICU issues in builds:
  - jdt.ui needs full icu plug-in but didn't state so
  - surfaced by build (process) changes
- fixed API problems and opened API requests where necessary
- fixed Delete of unsaved resources (LTK actions used in Navigator
  and Project Explorer)
- fixed Move refactorings to notify participants with updateReferences==true
- tracked down excessive memory usage (in marker view filters, see
  bug 246593)
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- shipped 3.5 M4
- reviewed and commented on enhanced compare editor features patch (bug 250633)
- fixed some of the illegal API usages
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Search:
- shipped 3.5 M4
- inbox tracking

- Breadcrumb Debugging > debug without the debug view (bug 252677):
  - experimental feature is avilable for testing/feedback on the
    debug update site:
- API to read execution environment description files
- Caught up to changes in filtered tree
- M4 test pass
- Bug fixing

- API tooling:
  - investigating enhancements to html API analysis reports
  - working on new performance tests for incremental builds
  - started work to handle analysis of plug-in splits/re-exports
  - working on API comparison reporting
  - API description files are now generated during plug-in export
    by PDE build
- working on API for template specific plug-in project creation
  wizard (bug 239494)
- catching up to changes in filtered tree
- M4 test pass
- bug fixing

Rel. Eng.:
- bug fixing
- 3.5M4 released
- test builds with M4 bundles
- discussion topic: holiday build schedule

User Assistance:
- milestone testing
- work on intro accessibility

Platform Workspace:
- inbox tracking
- final work and tests on M4 last week
- fixing for M5 and 3.4.2
- one  issue left for 3.4.2:
  - bug 223857 - [Viewers] Should be able to set the encoding of text
    pane in compare editor
- working on the 3.5 M5:

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