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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Dec 10, 2008


- inbox, newsgroups, Bugzilla, conf calls
- bug 256184

JDT Core:
- fixed 232816 ([buildpath] Misleading problem text for missing jar
  in user library)
- deferred constructor completion to early M5
- compiler deadcode warning is enabled by default
- work in progress on custom settings per compilation unit
- wrote tool to observe Java model cache: JDT Core Spy available at
- added property to adjust size of Java model cache (see build notes)
- added options in formatter to preserve existing line breaks
- fixed 256799 [formatter] Formatter wrongly adds space to //$FALL-THROUGH$

Platform UI:
- changed FilteredTree to not break existing subclasses and offering
  new LAF as opt-in feature
- blocked and waiting jobs no longer shown in progress status bar
  (still visible in view)

- working towards 3.5 M4 (full day test pass, writing N&N, bug fixing)
- added support to remove or hide working sets from the Package Explorer
- added new formatter options that allow to disable joining of lines
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- working towards 3.5 M4 (full day test pass, writing N&N, bug fixing)
- looked at block selection patches together with Tom: we're on good track
- reviewed and commented on enhanced compare editor features patch
  (bug 250633)
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Search:
- working towards 3.5 M4 (full day test pass, writing N&N, bug fixing)
- investigated and fixed issues raised by the new dead code analysis
- inbox tracking

- inbox tracking
- final fixing for M4 and 3.4.2
- there are two issues left for 3.4.2 (one is already fixed, will be
  released when M4 is shipped)
- working on the 3.5 M4:
- bug 169386 - [Theme] More Java editor features in Compare Editor in
  progress. While working on Java Assist in the compare editor
  it occurred that our current fix handles most bugs related to the
  lack of Java features in the Compare Editor. That's why we moved
  the discussion and patches to bug 169386. There are some remaining
  issues mentioned in
- bug 71374 - Generate a patch from the compare view is ready, but
  it's too late to release it in M4, we'll release it right after M4
  is done

- Test pass
- Bug fixing

- Support to identify and clean up stale API problem filters
- Reworked .api_description generation in PDE build
- Continued work on p2 integration with build
- Support to export .class files from the workspace during plug-in export
- Test pass
- Bug fixing

User Assistance:
- Bug fixing and testing

- 3.4.2 perf tests:
  - M20081203-0800 results: nothing new
- 3.5 perf tests:
  - results for I20081208-0921 and I20081209-0100
    - some failures and DNF
    - 2 bugs opened for confirmed regressions
     (JDT/Text and Equinox/Osgi)

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