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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Oct 22, 2008


JDT Core:
- released NodeFinder api
- making progress on finding constant references in .class files with source
- working on new NamingConvetions api
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

Rel. Eng.:
- new test machines means the windows tests take 5.5 hours instead of
  10 hours.  New hardware is good. Very good.
- windows JUnit tests are taking too long:
- status of performance machines for 3.5 builds

  -  see this bug for the latest status
- need perf_34x branch and baselines from it:

- added extension point for Clean Ups
- made CompilationUnitChange API
- backported performance test fixes to perf_34x
- investigated broken InlineMethodTest
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- reviewed and committed patch that allows to create WhitespaceRule with
  its own token
- backported performance test fixes to perf_34x
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking
- vacation

Platform Search:
- inbox tracking

- bug fixing

Platform UI:
- bug fixes towards M3
- Drag cursor images are now in ISharedImages
- Committer elections started for Remy Suen and Krzysztof Daniel
- Working with p2 on installation dialogs
- Looking at per-perspective editors (bug 11001)

- API tooling infrastructure work: consoliation of data structures,
  re-working search criteria implementation, polish
- improvements to API tooling test suite to reduce running time
- continued integrating PDE build with p2
- parallel compilation of bundles is now in the releng build
- added UI support for bundle shape header (but not in build yet)
- bug fixing

- inbox tracking
- working on the 3.5 M3 issues:
- bug 169386 Adapt editor functionality to Compare Editor in progress
  (all planned/addressed enhancements available on the dev plan page)
- bug 198591 Builder should be able to specify scheduling rule fixed,
  so far only IProject#build uses it
- investigation of how the auto build and IWorkspace#build can adapt
  the builder rules
- bug 248210 Gnome proxy settings fixed (hopefully the last issue with
  this native support)

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