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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Oct 8, 2008


 Discussion Topic

- in Equinox, p2 is adding apache http client.  Are there others in the
  SDK that may want to use the apache http client?  Need to discuss the
  proper feature this bundle should be included in SDK


- inbox, newsgroups, Bugzilla, conf calls

JDT Core:
- assessing pre-processing story
- keep working on finding constant references in .class files with source attached
- keep working on a cancelable code assist
- started work on code select on types not on classpath
- started work on adding chained jars on classpath (using Class-Path: in MANIFEST.MF)
- backported fixes to 3.4 maintenance
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing
- EclEmma finds 80.4% code coverage

- support for configurable problem severity when a build path's execution
  environment cannot be bound to a JRE that matches exactly:
  - for example, when a build path specifies J2SE-1.4, but the only JRE in the
    workspace is J2SE-1.5
- started work on extensible execution environments and associated compiler settings
- bug fixing

Platform UI:
- welcome to Prakash G. R. as a new IBM hire for the Platform UI team!
- preliminary support for Cocoa keybindings already in M3, proper
  Cocoa-specific binding support planned for M4 (see bug 248752)
- worked on test suite, improved test coverage slightly:
  - coverage report online at: 
- multi-instance property view contribution received, see bug 248103
- Ongoing discussion about project nature configuration and the configure
  submenu (bugs 231611, 102527)

- Paste in Package Explorer now starts the Apply Patch wizard when the
  clipboard contains a patch
- discussed code assist timeout API with JDT Core
- adjusted code to handle relative paths in .classpath file
- worked on showing Java Annotations in Javadoc hovers and view
- added UI for 'no strictly compatible JRE available' problem severity
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Search:
- debugged and fixed issues with new search test suite in build
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

- overall:

 - In-box maintenance
- p2:
  - status
  - new work flow for p2 UI is being worked. Plan to release this week.  Early
    feedback is welcome.
- components:
  - working on design of the extension registry enhancements
- framework:
  - OSGi specification work (RFCs 132 and 138)
  - OSGI specification implementation work (RFC 126)
  - updating the execution environment profiles and coordinating with PDE and
    JDT for providing custom environments

- inbox tracking
- working on the 3.5 M3 issues:
- bug 169386 Adapt editor functionality to Compare Editor in progress:
  - we are not going to implement embedded editors in the compare editor
  - we are going to add only java features of the highest priority to the
    compare editor

Rel. Eng.:
- test builds for new vm's during JUnit tests
- test builds for new performance machines
- bug fixing
- 3.5 planning

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