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Re: [eclipse-dev] Consider disabling the syncOverride warning/error by default

Warning is now disabled by default in HEAD. This change will only take effect when Releng consumes ECJ 3.5M3.
In the interim, Kim you may want to disable it in the build script ("-warn:-syncOverride").

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10/02/2008 09:26 PM

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[eclipse-dev] Consider disabling the syncOverride warning/error by        default

In an effort to reduce the new syncOverride warnings from the recent builds I started analyzing the warnings for org.eclipse.osgi (see For the most part I found the warnings to be noise and in many cases I found that it would be bad to add synchronization to the methods to avoid the warnings. I am curious what other teams are finding when you analyze your syncOverride warnings and if you think the warning should be enabled by default. I opened to track this issue. Please chime in on that bug with your findings.


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