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RE: [eclipse-dev] Platform Planning Meeting post-notes, Oct 1, 2008

Yes, and those of us on the UI team get to triage them because people don't know where else to log them ("I was using the Eclipse UI when the bug happened, I guess I'll log it against Eclipse-UI").  Plus components can be easily misinterpreted because there's no guiding information. For example we on the UI team have an "IDE" component of which 95% of the incomming bugs are for components in various EPP packagings.  This is all a non-trivial cost.

Aside from that, bugs are an important source of community participation, and we need to make it easier for people to fill them out accurately so they're not left scratching their heads.

I would really like us to address this issue.  The buckets are what they are, but a questionnarie kind of bug entry wizard might be a chance to direct people to the right place. At a minimum we might consider a "who-knows" bucket that we all take turns monitoring.


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RE: [eclipse-dev] Platform Planning Meeting post-notes, Oct 1, 2008

This is probably obvious but I'll say it anyway...  for an ordinary user, "RT>Equinox>p2" is made up entirely of jargon terms that they're probably unfamiliar with, while "Eclipse>Platform>Update" is quite self-explanatory.  I suspect that just marking Update as "legacy" or "deprecated" will just cause frustration for people trying to report or search for bugs.  
There needs to be some clear way to discover the new category, not just a way to dissuade from the old category.  I am not sure, within the webmasters' bag of tricks, what that might be, but there needs to be one.  
The underlying problem here is that we are categorizing bugs according to architectural details rather than functionality - an ordinary user doesn't think "I'm going to try to use p2 now", they think "I'm going to try to update."  Of course there are some good reasons for that, not least that bugs are for teams and teams work on components while functionality crosscuts components.  I know that the bug entry wizards are one attempt to address this.

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Re: [eclipse-dev] Platform Planning Meeting post-notes, Oct 1, 2008

To clarify the bugzilla issue, the problem is that many bugs are being reported against Eclipse>Platform>Update rather than RT>Equinox>p2. The Eclipse>Equinox product was removed from bugzilla so there is no confusion for other parts of Equinox. I'm going to investigate getting the Update component marked as "legacy" or "deprecated" to avoid the confusion.

For EasyMock, I have added some details on the wiki here: Unless your tests aleady require Java 5, I suggest holding off on adopting EasyMock until we move our testing completely to Java 5+.


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