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Re: [eclipse-dev] How to get rid of errors when @nooverride tag is added?

API tooling treats restriction modifications (for example, adding 
@nooverride to a method, adding @noextend to a class...), as breaking API 
changes. This is similar to adding a final keyword to a method or class - 
which is a breaking API change. In these situations, as long as the API 
change has approval (pmc?), the tag can be added and a API problem filter 
should be added to the class (this can be done with a using a quick fix 
for the @nooverride tag error). Once the initial error has been filtered, 
the secondary plug-in version error will disappear on its own (since there 
are no more breaking API changes). 

In this case it sounds like adding the tag is the correct thing to do 
since the javadoc already indicated this restriction.

Darin Wright

Szymon Brandys <Szymon.Brandys@xxxxxxxxxx> 
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09/17/2008 07:33 AM
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"General development mailing list of the Eclipse project." 

[eclipse-dev] How to get rid of errors when @nooverride tag is  added?

The issue is, javadoc says that a method is not intended to be overridden
by clients, but there is no @nooverride tag.
To fix this, @nooverride tag is added, but api tooling treats it as an
error and requests major version modification.
How should it be handled?

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