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[eclipse-dev] Intermittent test failures on Windows - Make sure you close your files; also delete/rename issues

On Windows some of the tests fail sometimes with an exception trying to close a resource.

This is caused by the file still being open. Windows (unlike Linux or the Mac) will not let you close a file that it is still open. However, this sometimes works, because a garbage collection will close the file for you (provided the stream is no longer referenced).

If you get this error, make sure the stream associated with the file has been properly closed.

Here is an example of a previously fixed problem:


Other causes of intermittent problems on windows have to do with deleting and renaming. Windows has issues that other platforms don't have with the Java delete/rename.

For delete/rename to work reliably you have to check that it actually worked and try again (possibly a few times, after a small delay) to until it works. There is probably some common code somewhere that does this. See Sun/Java bug #6213298.

If these issues are addressed, it should greatly reduce the number of intermittent failures on Windows.

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