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[eclipse-dev] Schedule for 3.4.1 RC2


Remember that 3.4.1 RC2 is scheduled for END OF THIS WEEK, please find an updated schedule at

In brief:
- Build: A first build is scheduled at Wedn 8am (OTT), the final RC2 candidate will be build on Wednesday 8pm (OTT) to allow Ottawa to perform some changes before the freeze (after holidays).
- Rules: We expect minimal changes at this stage and require PMC approval
- Testing: Thursday is reconducted as a one day test pass, to sanity check our RC2 contribution. Due to holidays and hardware failures, more testing is needed.

Special focus:
- Regressions, performance degradation since 3.4.0 and inconsistent plugin/feature version numbers. Make sure you check these all before RC2 candidate build.

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