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[eclipse-dev] 3.5 Milestone Planning

As part of the 3.5 planning process, all teams should have milestone 
development plans in place by the end of M2 (Sept 19, 2008). To ensure and 
open collaborative planning process, it's useful to have a public area to 
publish and develop a plan. Debug and PDE have done this by posting draft 
plans on the WIKI, where others can see what potential plan items exist, 
and eventually which plan items will end up in the 3.5 plan. Other teams 
could use a similar approach.

For example, the working copies of the Debug and PDE plans can be found 

For debug, we have used the WIKI draft plan as a live document during our 
community planning sessions. It is then used as input for a more solid 
(read-only) plan that has recently been posted on the Debug web site:

The PDE plan will be soon to follow.

Darin Wright

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