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[eclipse-dev] Equinox code is moving between 16:30-19:30 EST 08/13/2008 (Today)

The webmaster is scheduled to perform the move of the Equinox code today at 16:30-19:30 EST. The following will occur.

1) The old repositories will be made read-only.
2) A copy of all projects involved will be made to the new RT repository. All CVS history will be preserved.
3) The new RT repository for equinox will be enabled.

After the move has been done we need to update the releng maps to point to the new location. Otherwise our builds will be frozen in time.

Developers will also have to update there existing workspaces to start using the new RT repository for each project. See for a mapping of the new project locations. For p2, security bundles this should be as easy as changing the project sharing to be the new RT repository at since the paths to these projects is not changing (only the root repository path). All the other projects the paths are changing to conform to the new repository layout. Is there an easy way to associate these projects to their new location in CVS?


Inactive hide details for Jeff McAffer ---08/12/2008 05:41:46 PM---As I mentioned earlier, the Equinox move to RT is in progresJeff McAffer ---08/12/2008 05:41:46 PM---As I mentioned earlier, the Equinox move to RT is in progress. Today the ever helpful webmaster te


Jeff McAffer <jeff@xxxxxxxxx>


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08/12/2008 05:41 PM


[eclipse-dev] Equinox bugs

As I mentioned earlier, the Equinox move to RT is in progress.  Today
the ever helpful webmaster team moved the bug bucket to its new home
under RT .  It seems that many of the queries continue to work as they
are based on "product" (in bugzilla terms) so hopefully you will not
experience much disruption.  Of course, people looking to enter bugs
will have to go RT>Equinox rather than Eclipse>Equinox.

Note also that the "Bundles" component has been renamed to be
"Compendium" in reference to the OSGi conpendium spec.  This is the
component in which you should enter bugs against standard OSGi srevice
implementations.  There is a new bucket called Components for the random
collection of things that are not OSGi standard (e.g., extnesion
registry, transforms, ...)  Otherwise the bug structure remains pretty
much as it was.

Those wishing to follow progress on the move or raise issues should see

Jeff & Tom
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