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[eclipse-dev] Clarification on use of iplog flag

There has been some confusion about the new "iplog" flag so I should clarify. The "iplog" flag should be set on the *attachment* that contains the contribution. This is done by clicking "Details" next to the attachment, and then setting the "iplog" flag for that attachment. If there are multiple attachments being contributed, add the flag for each applicable attachment. This allows the system to automatically harvest data about the size of the contribution, who contributed it (the person who added the attachment), and the committer who processed the contribution (the person who set the "iplog+" flag).

There is also an "iplog" flag for the entire bug report next to the "review" and "pmc_approved" flags.  This flag should only be used if the contribution is not in the form of an attachment. For example, you can use this if the contributor added code or pseudo-code directly in the comment field.  The simple solution in this case is to ask the contributor to attach a proper patch so it can be flagged. If this is not possible or the contributor doesn't respond, you can resort to setting the global "iplog" flag on the bug itself. What this flag does is flag every non-committer who added a comment to the bug as contributors. If there are comments in the same bug that are not part of the contribution, they then need to be excluded manually by editing the project IP log. See the IP log documentation for more details.


John Arthorne/Ottawa/IBM

07/09/2008 11:51 AM

Architecture meeting notes - July 9, 2008

Please send 3.4 retrospective feedback to Philippe by end of this week. This includes what worked well, what didn't work, and ideas for improving our development process for future development.

All committers should start using the automatic IP log system for marking contributed patches. This replaces use of the "contributed" keyword in bugzilla. Now, the individual attachment that is accepted should be marked with the "iplog" flag to allow IP contribution data to be harvested automatically. For complete details, including how to handle various corner cases, see:

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