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[eclipse-dev] architecture meeting notes, June 11, 2008

- We will run another build at 8 p.m. Ottawa time today to pick up doc changes, about.html changes, and the PMC-approved critical bug fixes. There is no additional build scheduled after this one.

Important reminder with regards to build submissions:

Under no circumstances should you move a tag (aka retag) when submitting to a build because:
- People installing from p2 would not get the changes, since ID + version (including qualifier) == immutable content
- Because the build is creating the zips by a p2-based operation, the build may not contain your changes
- If everyone retagged, then the build would abort because the map file content would have not changed
- If you are just moving tags before your build submission is picked up by a build, you may still be screwed because we sometimes run test builds that are not visible on the releng-dev mailing list

Bottom line: Please use the Releng tools to do build submissions, and always pick a new tag.


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