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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - May 14, 2008


JDT APT status:
- comments and research for a few bugs
- fixed bug 231496
- inbox, calls

- bug fixing
- inbox clean up regarding bugs targeted for 3.4
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- enabled API tooling and added API tooling tags to types
- performance investigations
- bug fixing
- inbox clean up regarding bugs targeted for 3.4
- inbox tracking

JDT Core:
- fixed remaining incomplete DOM bindings
- cleanup bugs tagged with 3.4 target
- bug fixing
- bug triage
- 3.4RC1 bugs verification

Platform UI:
- bug fixing / reviewing patches
- added property tester API to find out about bundle state
- adding a new submenu "Configure" to the project context menu, see bug 231611

- bug fixing, verification & triage

Rel. Eng.:
- worked with IT team to reorganize lab to facilitate new hardware deployment
- bug fixing
- kite flying and Ottawa race weekend preparation

- getting ready for RC1
- bug triage
- bug fixing

- bug fixing, verification and triage
- notes regarding plug-in bundle version changes:
  - bundle version changes since API freeze require PMC approval and will be flagged in releng build
  - API tooling will add options to ignore minor/major version increments without API addition/breakage
  - by default minor/major version increments will be ignored (not seen as an error)

User Assistance:
- fixed a race condition in the help system -- Bug 230037
- added API tags to the source
- fixed documentation and polish bugs

Platform Workspace:
- inbox tracking
- working towards 3.4 RC1 (testing, bug fixing)

- problems with native support for proxy on Unix -- investigating
- performance issues - investigating and fixing

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